Comments of Past Students

Exam Grade Year
FCE A 2008
CAE C 2009

I met Gihan Sir in fifth grade at SNIC, an encounter I consider one of the luckiest. It was several years later that he handpicked my brother Amila and I along with few other students to begin IBE. Learning under Gihan Sir was not only a lesson in language but also in life, where he imparted his knowledge and wisdom to us not only as a teacher, but as a parent, mentor and friend.

At the time, I thought that FCE and CAE were simply additional qualifications that would assist me in school but as the years flew by, I came to realize that the knowledge acquired through these Cambridge exams aided me throughout my higher studies in college to my work. My greatest surprise came when the university I applied for Masters told me that I did not require any other English exam as I already had two CELA qualifications under my belt. To this day, as a filmmaker and writer, what I learned helps me translate thoughts to words and ultimately to other tangible forms.

In short, the time spent learning at IBE served as the most solid foundation upon which I had built my language skills.

I consider myself lucky and honored to have been part of IBE from its inception and wish Gihan Sir and co. the very best.
Live long and prosper!

- Akash Sunethkumar

Exam Grade Year
KET 95/100 Pass with Distinction 2010
PET 89/100 Pass with Merit 2011
FCE 82/100 A 2013
CAE 200/210 A 2015

When I first started studying English at IBE, I was in grade six and was really weak in English. When my parents heard about IBE, they were determined to take me there, even if we lived in Kurunagala and Negombo was like 60km away. I was reluctant first, believing I probably can't learn this. But after studying in a flyers class for 3 months, I was double promoted to KET. From that moment, I was among the top marks scoring students of the institute and finished my course getting an A grade for both FCE & CAE Exams.

When I look back, I am surprised about how a good teacher can influence our lives. Studying in IBE, improved my English and also my morals and attitudes. I did my studies in English medium and if it wasn't for the effort of IBE I wouldn't have come this far.

Currently I am selected to represent Sri Lanka for the International Earth Science Olympiad competition and my excellent command in English helped me to face my oral exams with confidence.

I will always be thankful for the service of the IBE staff and specially to Gihan sir, for he was a wonderful teacher. Being able to fluently communicate in the universal language, opens up opportunities of global scale.

And I will always be grateful to my parents for their wise choice of IBE, as my CELA institute.
Thank you.

- Ashini Imalli

Exam Grade Year
KET 97/100 Pass with Distinction 2010
PET 88/100 Pass with Merit 2011
FCE 80/100 A 2013
CAE 201/210 A 2015

English language is like smiling to a stranger. It helps us to convey a message easily, irrespective of our differences. As a student who is sitting for the advanced level examination in 2017, I am proud to say that, I got what was required the most through IBE.

A few years back, I never knew the importance of learning a globally recognized language such as English, but the Institute of British Examinations (IBE) not only taught me how to speak fluently, but also showed me how it could be used to achieve higher goals.

The friendly atmosphere which surrounds the institution is something I must admire. The foundation that was laid to my success in many examinations is undoubtedly due to all the efforts of its teachers and I am sure to achieve greater goals through what I learnt.

Therefore I thank this institution for all it has done for me. I wish IBE to reach greater heights in future years to come!

- Nipuni Weudagedara